Our Skeleton in the Closet

Despite my best efforts when we were in a band in high school together, Sean Culliton has succeeded in the music industry in Denver. His band Retrofette has been written up in Westword (you can read the article here), played shows all over the city, and has created a niche for itself- a synth-pop revival of more neon times. This past winter, we offered to create a music video for Retrofette’s single from their most recent EP, ‘Skeletons’.

I could go into the nitty gritty of the shoot- how we threw away a full day’s worth of footage that didn’t work out, the struggle of trying to piece something together on an absolute shoestring budget, sticking one sweaty man in a skeleton costume for three days. But maybe most of that is better left unsaid.

A few things I’ve learned instead:

  • Simple doesn’t mean worse. Think it out, make it deliberate. But make it simple.
  • More fog = good fog.
  • Set your deadlines. Love your deadlines. Live your deadlines.
  • Synth-pop is still catchy after the thousandth play through the edit.
  • Trust the creative people you work with to be creative.
  • Let Dave backlight everything if he wants to.
  • Make sure you realize this is what you’ve worked for.

This is what I’ve worked for. Not specifically shooting this music video, but the opportunity to be creative and collaborate with some brilliant minds. I’m proud of what we did, but not because I had some giant creative vision that carried this project. The video came together through the creative genius of so many people that came in and out at different times – Sean Culliton wrote the damn thing, Chanel Odell was amazing talent and brilliant dancer for us, Cole Anthony never once complained as we made him boogie for hours and hours in the freezing cold, Maya Ferrario made sure the trains ran on time every time we were out, Dave Stewart shot it masterfully as only he can do, Jeff Riley laid down an edit that blew me away after I hit the wall during post, and Aidan McCarthy finished it up in style.

This ship we’re all on is a good one, the work we all do is a gift. Cheers to Retrofette on their music and let’s do it all again soon.

– Pat

If you’d like to see Retrofette perform, they are playing at the 2017 Westword Music Showcase on June 24th.
Location: #VYBE (1027 Broadway) @ 4:35 – 5:15PM
Click here for the link