With all three partners having gone to the University of Denver, it was only a matter of time before Hidden Woods Media did a project for our alma mater. Last year we were approached by Profs. Cheri Young and David Corsun of DU’s Fritz Knoebel School of Hospitality Management. The two professors run a course called “Managing Human Capital” in which hospitality students are paired with refugees from the African Community Center of Denver to put on a large event at the school. The class allows students to develop HR and management skills while working with people from very diverse backgrounds.

In order to continue the award-winning class, the school is applying for a grant from Marriott Hotels – that’s where we come in. Profs. Young and Corsun needed an experienced commercial production company to produce a promo video about the program which will help them sell its value to Marriott and increase their chances of being awarded the grant.

Check out the school’s website by clicking here and stay tuned for the video!