When we started Hidden Woods Media, the end goal was (and still is) to create high-end commercials as well as narrative and documentary films. And while we love putting work together for our clients, we also are passionate about seeing our own projects come to life.

Recently, our good friend Matt Worley wrote a film titled “Mutt”— a dark romantic comedy about the life and challenges of Mutt Rodgers, a Denver based comedian. After reading the script, Hidden Woods decided to jump onboard and help make turn his script into a film.


Normally we create documentary style work, so shooting in the narrative style is a challenge; lighting, camera work, and direction are all done in an entirely different manner. However, overcoming these challenges has proven to be a good time, and though we’re only about half way done with production, we’ve already captured some great looking images and captivating moments of acting.


One of the highlights has been getting to shoot a portion of the short on 16mm film. I’m going to avoid going into a longwinded tirade extolling the virtues of film over digital, but I will mention how much more on point everyone becomes knowing film is rolling through the camera. There’s a focus that comes onto set that can otherwise be lacking; actors nail their lines, the DP has double-checked every setting, and the director has thoroughly communicated his/her thoughts to the actors. Because if you miss the shot and run out of film, that’s it—you’re out of film for the day. Not to mention the expense of processing excess celluloid.



Also, watching the film run through the viewfinder is—for lack of a better phrase—really, really cool.

This production process has been really fun so far, and I can’t wait to share the final film with everyone in a couple of months.


[The production team from the 1/23 shoot: David Stewart, Patrick Gillespie, Aidan McCarthy, Matt Worley, Brandon Reich-Sweet, Jason “Mutt” Rodgers]