Meet Our Cameras: The Canon C100 Mark II

At Hidden Woods Media, we like Canon cameras. We like the way they render colors, their ergonomics, and we like Canon’s EF line of lenses. When we started a video production company, the Canon C100 Mark II was our camera of choice. It was the budget option to get us into a cinema quality of camera, and it cut together well with our older Canon DSLRs. We also liked that it could shoot in slow motion and was designed to be ergonomically friendly.


Today, it still finds its way out to most of our shoots as our “b camera”. It’s the camera we use for the close ups in our interviews—the camera that Pat or Brandon will pick up when they’re feeling particularly inspired to get that great shot they’ve been thinking of. It’s also the camera that we’ll stick in more compromising situations—so when Dave wants to shoot out of the sunroof of a car or Pat wants to climb some rocks outside of Denver to get a wide landscape shot, we’ve got the camera to make it happen.


The footage from this camera is stunning, and—when paired with our Atomos external recorder—matches almost perfectly to our higher end camera, the Canon C500.