Interning at Hidden Woods Media

Rewind to Spanish class my sophomore year of high school. I was tired of struggling through past tense verb conjugations, and had an urge to experiment in the arts. I’d been doodling since middle school, but never felt I had much of a knack for hand-made art mediums. My school offered an introduction to photography class so I dropped out of Spanish and picked it up at the beginning of my junior year. Little did I know how dramatically that decision would affect my life. My love for making still images gradually shifted to an interest in producing motion pictures.


One of the first films I made was entitled The DewKnight. At the time, I was avidly following the production of The Dark Knight Rises. A couple months before the film was released, Warner Brothers and Mountain Dew teamed up for a short film contest to find their biggest fan. I submitted The DewKnight, a short film based on a boy dressed as batman who roams his hometown knocking people’s drinks out of their hands before replacing them with Mountain Dews. My short film came in second place and I won two boxfuls of free merchandise. The rush I got from taking an idea from concept to final product was incredible.


Within my three and a half years at DU, I’ve interned with the nonprofit humanitarian space agency SpaceUnited as a video editor, 121 studios as a production assistant, and now Hidden Woods Media as a production assistant and backup shooter. Meanwhile, I also found time to become a part-time sushi artist at the campus restaurant Roll n’ Go. Unfortunately, I had to leave sushi in my past in order to pursue a career in filmmaking full-time.

Besides the fact that they produced outstanding work, my favorite part about working with Hidden Woods is the respect they have for their clients and each other. No matter the circumstance, they never compromise their approachable, outgoing nature. It’s been a privilege to working for them so far. I’m excited to see what the next ten weeks have in store.



Aidan Sëan McCarthy