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Cinematography | 03.31.20

MEET OUR DRONES: The DJI Mavic Pro 2 & Inspire 2 + X7

Drones, drones, drones. If you haven’t heard about them by now, you’re likely living under a rock. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, one thing is for sure – they’re here to stay. That’s why we got two.  Hidden Woods is lucky enough to own a Mavic 2 Pro and an Inspire 2 + X7 sensor. Both have their strengths, but […]
Cinematography | 10.21.19

Shoots Are Better With the HW Van

There’s little in this world that I love as much as the Hidden Woods camera van. When I’m driving it, I’m home. I step in, slide my wallet into the door for safe keeping, and toss my full sized Nalgene in one of the extra large cup holders. I keep a deep stash of my […]
Cinematography | 07.01.19

Zeiss Otus Kit in Review

Our Canon lenses have treated us well over the years. We started with zooms, then upgraded our zooms, then moved to primes, then moved to better primes. The L Series primes were our go to in house kit since 2016, but as time went on we started noticing more and more flaws in the glass […]
Cinematography | 07.31.17

Major League Cinematography: Shooting with the Arri Amira

Okay, admittedly major league is a bit of stretch. Maybe AA? Regardless, I’ve had my sights set on this camera for while, so it was exciting to finally try one out. For this shoot, I was able to pair the Amira with Leica Summicrons, which were absolutely stunning and a huge component of the system. […]
Video Production | 12.18.16

You want a video… Now what?

Let’s say your company has an AWESOME idea for a commercial to promote your business, but you don’t know where to start. Maybe you just know you want a commercial or a web promo or a video to explain your products but you’re not really sure what it should look like. Video seems like a great […]
Dan Fishman
Cinematography | 10.12.16

Why Your Video Needs Professional VO

(Dan Fishman, above, is a member of our roster of professional voice actors.) When we’re making a video with voice-over narration, our clients sometimes neglect the spoken words in favor of the visuals. “Why pay for a professional when I can just record on my iPhone?” they think. Well, like any professional, a pro voice actor brings a […]
Video Production | 08.24.16

Why Does My Video Need B-Roll?

We don’t recommend it, but there’s a reason why clients ask to include eight or nine interviews in a 3-minute video. From the client’s perspective, these interview subjects are important to the messaging of the video, or at least it’s important that they feel included in the project. Quick cuts, a couple of key lines […]