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Uncategorized | 11.28.17

La Croix and Chelsea Boots

5 weeks ago, I met Patrick and David for an interview in a trendy industrial conference room in the Highlands. They also looked very trendy- rustic GQ color palettes, plaid, denim, Chelsea boots. The place was lit with Edison bulbs. They probably had leather man bags beneath the table. I don’t know, but it felt […]
Uncategorized | 12.19.16

Holiday Closure

The Hidden Woods Media offices will be closed from December 23, 2016 through January 8, 2017 for our annual holiday break. The Hidden Woods team will be mostly unavailable during this time with limited access to phone and email. Inquiries made over the break will be answered as soon as possible when we return. We […]
Uncategorized | 10.19.16


A few weeks back, Hidden Woods traveled down to Colorado Springs to film the MaidPro Rodeo Convention 2016. We had the pleasure of producing videos for MaidPro’s three-day franchisee convention that consisted of motivational speakers, networking, relationship-building, and to top it all off – a rodeo! MaidPro is a Boston-based home cleaning company with franchises across the […]
Uncategorized | 09.01.16

Meet Maya: The Newest Addition to Our Team

Growing up, my dream job aspirations ranged from the President to a Britney Spears’ backup dancer. It wasn’t until 8th grade when our class had to choose a job to shadow I had even thought about an actual career path. That was when I decided to job shadow my local news station’s female anchor, and […]
Uncategorized | 05.04.16

Project DU FILM

One of our former professors and good friend, Sheila Schroeder, conceived of an idea to unite current students at DU with working professionals in a creative and collaborative contexts. Project DU FILM is this idea incarnate. In its inaugural year, students and alumni worked together to produce Happy F-ing Valentines Day, a short film written by […]
Uncategorized | 01.18.16

The New Office

As much as Pat and Brandon loved getting Dave out of bed in the morning, there came a time when working out of his kitchen and living room was no longer sustainable. That’s why we made the decision last summer to move Hidden Woods Media into a dedicated office space. We were lucky enough to […]
Uncategorized | 01.08.16

Interning at Hidden Woods – Meet Monica

Storytelling has always been a part of my core since I was a little. I’m a nerd and I love a good story. With music being a natural ability in my family, I wrote songs since I was a preteen, learning whatever instrument I could get my hands on. I would dabble with my parent’s […]
Uncategorized | 12.10.15

A Year in Review

As we continue to postpone our holiday shopping and avoid Christmas music like it’s a tipsy in-law, one thing we are embracing this December is a bit of reflection on our first year in business. Hidden Woods Media started as a gamble, three guys who ignored their parents’ pleas to go to business school and […]
Cinematography | 10.06.15

The Movi

Recently, we’ve been fortunate enough to add a Freefly Movi M10 to our arsenal of equipment here at Hidden Woods. The Movi is a lightweight camera stabilization rig that enables the operator to perform smooth handheld camera movements. With a single device, we’re now capable of mimicking movements that were once only achievable with steadycams, […]
Uncategorized | 09.17.15

Interning at Hidden Woods Media

Rewind to Spanish class my sophomore year of high school. I was tired of struggling through past tense verb conjugations, and had an urge to experiment in the arts. I’d been doodling since middle school, but never felt I had much of a knack for hand-made art mediums. My school offered an introduction to photography […]