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Cinematography | 07.31.17

Major League Cinematography: Shooting with the Arri Amira

Okay, admittedly major league is a bit of stretch. Maybe AA? Regardless, I’ve had my sights set on this camera for while, so it was exciting to finally try one out. For this shoot, I was able to pair the Amira with Leica Summicrons, which were absolutely stunning and a huge component of the system. […]
Cinematography | 08.22.16

Meet Our Cameras: Canon C300 Mark II

Recently, Hidden Woods Media decided to purchase a Canon C300 Mark II to take the place of our C500. While the C500 did make phenomenal images for us, we discovered it wasn’t without a lot of workflow issues. Paired with the AJA Ki Pro Quad we could record 2k & 4k ProRes 444 images, that […]
Cinematography | 01.15.16

Meet Our Cameras: The Canon C500

The Canon C500 is our high end digital cinema camera. It comes along on almost every shoot, and—with its incredibly sharp images and deep dynamic range—consistently produces stunning images. We’re not the only ones who think highly of this camera, either. In the past couple of years, it has seen use on some of the […]
Cinematography | 12.30.15

Meet Our Cameras: The Canon C100 Mark II

At Hidden Woods Media, we like Canon cameras. We like the way they render colors, their ergonomics, and we like Canon’s EF line of lenses. When we started a video production company, the Canon C100 Mark II was our camera of choice. It was the budget option to get us into a cinema quality of camera, […]
Photography | 08.03.15

Back from B.C.- Reflecting on Squamish

A foggy morning over the Howe Sound. As far as starting a business goes, taking off to Canada for three weeks in the early stages of development is a questionable idea at best. I’ve had this trip planned for over a year, long before I came to start HWM, and thankfully the guys were understanding when […]
Cinematography | 06.10.15

A Postcard From San Luis Valley

Last month I was hired to shoot a promotional piece on water rights in the San Luis Valley. We only had one full day of production, but we packed a bunch of different locations into the nearly 16 hour long day. Below is a “postcard” from the valley–a collection of my favorite shots that I wanted […]
Photography | 05.13.15


My general rule of thumb is that the best time to search for interesting images is when the idea of doing so is the least appealing. The other night, Denver was experiencing one of its notorious springtime snow showers. It was early May and there were a few inches of snow on the ground, and the […]