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Cinematography | 10.21.19

Shoots Are Better With the HW Van

There’s little in this world that I love as much as the Hidden Woods camera van. When I’m driving it, I’m home. I step in, slide my wallet into the door for safe keeping, and toss my full sized Nalgene in one of the extra large cup holders. I keep a deep stash of my […]
Cinematography | 09.03.19

Meet our Cameras: The RED Gemini

Our DP reviews one of RED Digital Cinema’s most recent releases.
Cinematography | 07.01.19

Zeiss Otus Kit in Review

Our Canon lenses have treated us well over the years. We started with zooms, then upgraded our zooms, then moved to primes, then moved to better primes. The L Series primes were our go to in house kit since 2016, but as time went on we started noticing more and more flaws in the glass […]
Denver Filmmaking | 05.21.19

Directing Documentary – Episode 1 | The Interview

As Hidden Woods continues to grow and evolve, we seem to be leaning even harder on our roots in documentary style work. Commercial film production is still draped over the skeleton of story, and I’ve always held that there’s enough stories to be heard that are already out there. We just need to point our […]
Cinematography | 06.20.17

Our Skeleton in the Closet

Despite my best efforts when we were in a band in high school together, Sean Culliton has succeeded in the music industry in Denver. His band Retrofette has been written up in Westword (you can read the article here), played shows all over the city, and has created a niche for itself- a synth-pop revival of […]
Cinematography | 04.21.17

Farming for Stories in Mancos, Colorado

We get asked to create all sorts of projects in this business. We’ll go from a commercial production one week, to a documentary-style piece the next, corporate video production, educational video, the works. Most anything video production related we can (and do) accomplish. Sometimes though, we get a phone call that we know has potential […]
Dan Fishman
Cinematography | 10.12.16

Why Your Video Needs Professional VO

(Dan Fishman, above, is a member of our roster of professional voice actors.) When we’re making a video with voice-over narration, our clients sometimes neglect the spoken words in favor of the visuals. “Why pay for a professional when I can just record on my iPhone?” they think. Well, like any professional, a pro voice actor brings a […]
Cinematography | 08.22.16

Meet Our Cameras: Canon C300 Mark II

Recently, Hidden Woods Media decided to purchase a Canon C300 Mark II to take the place of our C500. While the C500 did make phenomenal images for us, we discovered it wasn’t without a lot of workflow issues. Paired with the AJA Ki Pro Quad we could record 2k & 4k ProRes 444 images, that […]
Cinematography | 02.04.16


Our most recent client, the Colorado Cross Country Skiing Association, came to us looking for a video very similar to the project we created for Denver Mountain Guiding last spring. In order to meet their needs and simultaneously push ourselves toward higher end productions, we chose to produce this video in more of a commercial […]
Cinematography | 01.25.16


When we started Hidden Woods Media, the end goal was (and still is) to create high-end commercials as well as narrative and documentary films. And while we love putting work together for our clients, we also are passionate about seeing our own projects come to life. Recently, our good friend Matt Worley wrote a film […]