Featured|Staff Picks | 09.11.18

Just Do It: Serena

  Agency: Wielden + Kennedy Even if you don’t keep up with tennis, you might have seen Nike’s new “Just Do It” commercial  featuring Serena Williams (above). The video is a compilation of archival footage narrated by her father, Richard. If you havent seen it, get ready for goosebumps. Along with brilliant sound design and […]
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Our New Commercial Frontier

This past week, Hidden Woods ventured into our first commercial production TV spot for the healthy, fast food chain MAD Greens!  When we found out about this job a month ago, we were unbelievably excited, but started working right away.  Here is a first -hand experience from our associate producer and assistant director on this […]
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Holiday Closure

The Hidden Woods Media offices will be closed from December 23, 2016 through January 8, 2017 for our annual holiday break. The Hidden Woods team will be mostly unavailable during this time with limited access to phone and email. Inquiries made over the break will be answered as soon as possible when we return. We […]
Video Production | 12.18.16

You want a video… Now what?

Let’s say your company has an AWESOME idea for a commercial to promote your business, but you don’t know where to start. Maybe you just know you want a commercial or a web promo or a video to explain your products but you’re not really sure what it should look like. Video seems like a great […]
Animation | 10.27.16

What’s your vector, Victor?

The Difference Between Vector and Raster Images & Why It Matters Even though Hidden Woods Media is primarily a video production company, we do a lot of animation work as well.  Sometimes it’s as simple as creating lower thirds or animating our clients’ logos. Sometimes we’ll do a full sequence or even an entire video of […]
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A few weeks back, Hidden Woods traveled down to Colorado Springs to film the MaidPro Rodeo Convention 2016. We had the pleasure of producing videos for MaidPro’s three-day franchisee convention that consisted of motivational speakers, networking, relationship-building, and to top it all off – a rodeo! MaidPro is a Boston-based home cleaning company with franchises across the […]
Dan Fishman
Cinematography | 10.12.16

Why Your Video Needs Professional VO

(Dan Fishman, above, is a member of our roster of professional voice actors.) When we’re making a video with voice-over narration, our clients sometimes neglect the spoken words in favor of the visuals. “Why pay for a professional when I can just record on my iPhone?” they think. Well, like any professional, a pro voice actor brings a […]
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Meet Maya: The Newest Addition to Our Team

Growing up, my dream job aspirations ranged from the President to a Britney Spears’ backup dancer. It wasn’t until 8th grade when our class had to choose a job to shadow I had even thought about an actual career path. That was when I decided to job shadow my local news station’s female anchor, and […]
Video Production | 08.24.16

Why Does My Video Need B-Roll?

We don’t recommend it, but there’s a reason why clients ask to include eight or nine interviews in a 3-minute video. From the client’s perspective, these interview subjects are important to the messaging of the video, or at least it’s important that they feel included in the project. Quick cuts, a couple of key lines […]
Cinematography | 08.22.16

Meet Our Cameras: Canon C300 Mark II

Recently, Hidden Woods Media decided to purchase a Canon C300 Mark II to take the place of our C500. While the C500 did make phenomenal images for us, we discovered it wasn’t without a lot of workflow issues. Paired with the AJA Ki Pro Quad we could record 2k & 4k ProRes 444 images, that […]
New Client Profile | 08.17.16


Hidden Woods Media is excited to announce one of our latest client partnerships: Mountain Valley Grocery, a new micro-grocery concept that can be best understood as a mixture of 7-Eleven and Whole Foods. Over the next year, this new brand will open a number of stores in multi-family units across urban Denver in order to […]