Featured|Staff Picks | 09.11.18

Just Do It: Serena

  Agency: Wielden + Kennedy Even if you don’t keep up with tennis, you might have seen Nike’s new “Just Do It” commercial  featuring Serena Williams (above). The video is a compilation of archival footage narrated by her father, Richard. If you havent seen it, get ready for goosebumps. Along with brilliant sound design and […]
Video Production | 05.23.18

Thats a Wrap: Two Quarters of Production Internship Done

Sound is speeding. Camera is rolling. Welcome to the life of production; life on set is what you make it. I can walk away from my internship here at Hidden Woods Media knowing I made the most of my time, and I have a film because of it. Alongside all my time at the office […]
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Production without training wheels: Internship take two

Film and media production is a unique line of work. Like other fields, we have our own lingo, our own titles, and intricate dynamics. From first hand experience, diving in head first is incredibly intimidating, and kind of like learning how to ride a bike. It’s a bit touch and go as you learn the […]
Uncategorized | 02.23.18

New Year New Desk: From Intern to Associate Producer

New Year New Desk! Yes, you heard that right: the La Croix is still free…but my labor is not. I got a desk, a chair, a title, and a new pair of jeans to try and keep up with the Hidden Woods high quality denim aesthetic. I should mention that the desk is thanks to […]
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Why The Access Fund

Bridger Jacks Site 9. The one down that 4-wheel drive hill past all the more established sites. Crawling out of a sleeping bag and straight into flip-flops – we’re chasing shade today. A couple shoulder stretches as we hound down that rocket fuel that Rob calls coffee. Another botched summit selfie. Too excited to put […]
Uncategorized | 11.28.17

La Croix and Chelsea Boots

5 weeks ago, I met Patrick and David for an interview in a trendy industrial conference room in the Highlands. They also looked very trendy- rustic GQ color palettes, plaid, denim, Chelsea boots. The place was lit with Edison bulbs. They probably had leather man bags beneath the table. I don’t know, but it felt […]
Uncategorized | 08.08.17

Arm & Hammer Commercial: Behind The Cleaner

We had a ton of fun producing two web commercials for Arm & Hammer a couple weeks ago.  This is one of our first commercial shoots for a world-wide brand, and we were thrilled to create three spots that we are very proud of. Here are some behind the scenes photos from those couple of […]
Cinematography | 07.31.17

Major League Cinematography: Shooting with the Arri Amira

Okay, admittedly major league is a bit of stretch. Maybe AA? Regardless, I’ve had my sights set on this camera for while, so it was exciting to finally try one out. For this shoot, I was able to pair the Amira with Leica Summicrons, which were absolutely stunning and a huge component of the system. […]
Cinematography | 06.20.17

Our Skeleton in the Closet

Despite my best efforts when we were in a band in high school together, Sean Culliton has succeeded in the music industry in Denver. His band Retrofette has been written up in Westword (you can read the article here), played shows all over the city, and has created a niche for itself- a synth-pop revival of […]
Cinematography | 04.21.17

Farming for Stories in Mancos, Colorado

We get asked to create all sorts of projects in this business. We’ll go from a commercial production one week, to a documentary-style piece the next, corporate video production, educational video, the works. Most anything video production related we can (and do) accomplish. Sometimes though, we get a phone call that we know has potential […]