Featured|Staff Picks | 09.11.18

Just Do It: Serena

  Agency: Wielden + Kennedy Even if you don’t keep up with tennis, you might have seen Nike’s new “Just Do It” commercial  featuring Serena Williams (above). The video is a compilation of archival footage narrated by her father, Richard. If you havent seen it, get ready for goosebumps. Along with brilliant sound design and […]
Cinematography | 09.03.19

Meet our Cameras: The RED Gemini

Our DP reviews one of RED Digital Cinema’s most recent releases.
Cinematography | 10.21.19

Shoots Are Better With the HW Van

There’s little in this world that I love as much as the Hidden Woods camera van. When I’m driving it, I’m home. I step in, slide my wallet into the door for safe keeping, and toss my full sized Nalgene in one of the extra large cup holders. I keep a deep stash of my […]
Cinematography | 07.01.19

Zeiss Otus Kit in Review

Our Canon lenses have treated us well over the years. We started with zooms, then upgraded our zooms, then moved to primes, then moved to better primes. The L Series primes were our go to in house kit since 2016, but as time went on we started noticing more and more flaws in the glass […]
Denver Filmmaking | 05.21.19

Directing Documentary – Episode 1 | The Interview

As Hidden Woods continues to grow and evolve, we seem to be leaning even harder on our roots in documentary style work. Commercial film production is still draped over the skeleton of story, and I’ve always held that there’s enough stories to be heard that are already out there. We just need to point our […]
Video Marketing | 04.03.19

AdWeek Recap: More Than Just Advertising

I headed to New York City a couple weeks ago to represent Hidden Woods at Advertising Week, the leading conference for marketing, brand, advertising, and technology professionals- and I started learning the moment I stepped out of my cab from the airport. Walking up the crowded New York City streets felt a lot like human bumper […]
Non-Profit | 04.03.19

Home in the Sierra Nevada

Sky Chair is a long, windy, high-speed quad that’ll take you to higher than any other chairlift at Heavenly Mountain in South Lake Tahoe CA. More often than not, I’ll take Canyon Chair instead as there’s usually a shorter line and you get almost the same amount of vertical down. But if I’m trying to […]
Staff Picks | 02.23.18

New Year New Desk: From Intern to Associate Producer

New Year New Desk! Yes, you heard that right: the La Croix is still free…but my labor is not. I got a desk, a chair, a title, and a new pair of jeans to try and keep up with the Hidden Woods high quality denim aesthetic. I should mention that the desk is thanks to […]
Staff Picks | 01.31.18

Why The Access Fund

Bridger Jacks Site 9. The one down that 4-wheel drive hill past all the more established sites. Crawling out of a sleeping bag and straight into flip-flops – we’re chasing shade today. A couple shoulder stretches as we hound down that rocket fuel that Rob calls coffee. Another botched summit selfie. Too excited to put […]
Uncategorized | 11.28.17

La Croix and Chelsea Boots

5 weeks ago, I met Patrick and David for an interview in a trendy industrial conference room in the Highlands. They also looked very trendy- rustic GQ color palettes, plaid, denim, Chelsea boots. The place was lit with Edison bulbs. They probably had leather man bags beneath the table. I don’t know, but it felt […]