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We grew up in the mountains of Colorado and California, drawing inspiration from the thin air instead of oxygen. Whether it’s commercial, narrative, or documentary video, we bring our years of experience to the table for every production. We go big on small budgets. On big budgets, well… we go even bigger. We adapt. We get it done. Filmmaking is our craft, a combination of creation and blue collar grit. Let’s get our hands dirty.

David Stewart

Founder & Executive Producer



Partner & Creative Director

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David Stewart

Founder & Executive Producer

Dave is fortunate to do something he absolutely loves. Motivated by creating the best images possible, Dave founded Hidden Woods in 2015. Since then Dave’s worked as a cinematographer, an editor, a producer, and every job in-between. Ultimately he landed in his own unusual role working as a full-time producer and part-time Director of Photography.

Along with a sincere love for filmmaking, he brings heart, vision, and clear communication to make sure every project Hidden Woods does feels like a breath of fresh air in a stuffy room. When not looking through the camera or begrudgingly networking, Dave is busy standing in the slowest lines at the grocery store, posting pictures of his cat on instagram, and trying to find his car keys. 



Partner & Creative Director

Aidan’s been involved with Hidden Woods Media in some capacity since the early years of the company. Prior to stepping up as our Creative Director, he worked in just about every other position there is on set and in the edit bay. His thorough understanding of the technical aspects of filmmaking allow him the unique ability to bring a lofty idea into reality without losing any of its’ magic along the way.

Aidan’s personality and passion for filmmaking spills onto every set he steps foot on. He’s a true extrovert at heart and his contagious smile will let you know it. Aidan is meticulous as can be, and always injects a contagious energy and rhythm into every Hidden Woods project.


We've taken our documentary background to the modern commercial world, telling the stories we find to deepen brand identity. To us, it's the future of marketing. People understand real. People connect with real. And we're here to put real in front of the camera.

Documentary-based commercial content is a mouthful, but it's what we do best. It's more than just interviews and b-roll. It's tapping into human emotion. Our years of experience in this niche has allowed us to push the boundaries of the genre, setting us apart in our craft.

Our Clients

Nuts & Bolts

Technology continues to push the capabilities of film and video production, and we’re right there on the front lines. Our Red Gemini is hot off the press with a perfect combination of cinema quality and documentary sensibility. Strap that on with some state of the art lenses and smooth camera motion for a look that is always fresh. On the ground, in the air, we’ve got you covered. Our image is our calling card, we don’t leave until we knock some socks off.

Did we mention we own all of our own gear? Lights, cameras, and our fully equipped camera van means cost savings for our clients. We don’t need to rent the latest and greatest- it’s already loaded up. We create a kit that can make any project and budget shine.

Our Work


More than just talk

Filmmaking isn’t the greenest of industries, whether it’s the cases on cases of bottled water on set or a whole crew of 12 driving their own cars to location. Each little bit stacks up, so we do what we can to leave our impact with the audience instead of with the earth. We’ve moved our production books and call sheets fully digital to give the printer a bit of a rest. Specific notes on call sheets to carpool, bring your own bottles to set – it’s a drop in the bucket, but we try to set a standard for greener production.


Most importantly, we are a member of both 1% For The Planet and the Colorado Outdoor Business Alliance, conservation organizations on that can focus on international and local issues for us. Our best work is made in the wild, and we want to make sure each breathtaking landscape we shoot will stay that way long after we stop rolling.

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our work is made in the wild