A Year in Review

As we continue to postpone our holiday shopping and avoid Christmas music like it’s a tipsy in-law, one thing we are embracing this December is a bit of reflection on our first year in business.

Hidden Woods Media started as a gamble, three guys who ignored their parents’ pleas to go to business school and are now starting a business. We all came on after getting our feet wet in the industry for a few years and formed our own video production company. We figured that we’d made enough mistakes along the way already to shake off the majority of growing pains. And while we certainly did shake it off, this assumption was only partially correct. Although we had our fair share of ‘learning experiences’, I really think we might just pull this thing off.

First paycheck
First paycheck

In the past year, we’ve grown immensely. As much as I enjoyed waking Dave up when we were working out of his house, we’ve been working out of a great office in LoHi for the past six months. We used up all of the cardstock that I bought a few years ago and are back to that 20 lb. bond that the rest of the world knows and loves. Aidan McCarthy was our first intern and set the bar so high that it’ll be difficult to find another that could bring as much to the table. I was on set with him this past week for a third-party production and was watching a professional, not a student at work.

The man, the myth, the legend: Aidan McCarthy
The man, the myth, the legend: Aidan McCarthy

Instead of struggling to create enough content to fill our website, we’re now deciding which projects to keep on the front page. Gear-wise, we’ve made a point to invest back in ourselves (buying toys is always fun). Between a Movi-M10, a drone, a professional dolly and enough glass to keep us sharp, we have a veritable flock of pelican cases to unload when we’re shooting.

"Is this thing on?"
“We may have lost connection…”

We’ve shot for C-DOT and The Denver Foundation, made projects for old friends and developed new relationships. Tomorrow I’ll be interviewing Governor Hickenlooper for the second time, this time not in a self-driving car.

Somehow through all of this Brandon, David, and I haven’t killed each other. If Brandon keeps bumping (and grinding) R. Kelly though, that might change before the year is out. We’ve each grown further into our roles and expanded into new ones.

Learning how to dunk

And we’re continuing to look ahead. We’re looking to take over the office space adjacent to ours, creating a full editing suite and giving us some more space to work. Animation will be at the forefront of 2016 for HWM- Brandon is currently behind me working on a motion graphics tutorial as Dave is watching highlight reels of drones crashing (dammit Dave!). We’ve got fresh clients lined up for 2016, our eyes are set on camera upgrades (hello 4k), and we’re looking to take the next year by storm.

David 'Ansel' Stewart
David ‘Ansel’ Stewart

A year ago at this time I was comfortable in a great job without a passing thought towards running a business or starting a production company. This past year has been eye opening, motivating, and a ton of fun. I can’t wait to see what’s next.