Mountain Valley Market

Whole Foods meets vending machines in this commercial-style promo for Mountain Valley Market.



We've been working with the folks at Mountain Valley Market this year on a series of videos to help promote their new grocery store/vending machine concept. They're looking to fill a niche in the Denver market with a series of small grocery stores and kiosks that provide healthy, fresh foods in a convenient manner. It's basically a mixture of Whole Foods and 7-Eleven - real food, real fresh, real easy. For this project they challenged Hidden Woods Media to produce a video that showcases their line of vending machines, explaining how they work, why they're different and why consumers are excited about them.


First, Hidden Woods Media talked with business owners around central Denver who have the Mountain Valley kiosk to see what kind of value it's bringing to their businesses and their buildings. We then conducted interviews with Mountain Valley customers to capture testimonials about the appeal of the kiosk to consumers. Finally, we sat down with their head chef to talk about what makes Mountain Valley's products different. We also did our thing with B-roll and a group of models to showcase the kiosk at work using a more commercial aesthetic.