Denver Mountain Guiding

Using beautiful cinematography and moving voice over, we developed a promotional video for this guiding service to help them attract new clients.



Rock climbing is one of the most fun and memorable ways to interact with Colorado's mountains and Denver Mountain Guiding has spent years providing this experience in a safe and affordable way. But for those who've never tried rock climbing before it can be a difficult first step - both literally and figuratively. In order to overcome the hesitations of first time climbers, Denver Mountain Guiding hired us to create a video that would showcase just how fun and, more importantly, safe a trip with their guides can be.


We started off by capturing beautiful footage of the Rocky Mountains and of several Denver Mountain Guiding trips in order to showcase the awe and wonder of rock climbing. We combined this with a moving voice over that acknowledged the hesitations of first time climbers while explaining the ways in which a professional guiding service can help even the most inexperienced climbers take that all-important first step.