Denver Food Rescue

This Denver-based nonprofit approached us about producing a video to help them attract new volunteers.




Bicycle-riding volunteers, transporting food that would otherwise go to waste from grocery stores directly to free grocery programs, are at the core of Denver Food Rescue's operations.  There are a lot of options out there for those looking to volunteer and it can be difficult for non-profits to stand out. In addition, many potential volunteers have the misperception that the quality of food distributed through free grocery programs is somehow less than optimal. Denver Food Rescue needed to overcome both of these obstacles in order to meet their volunteer recruitment goals for 2015.


We worked with Denver Food Rescue to develop a targeted approach that would appeal to those most likely to volunteer: cyclists. In this video we made sure to show how fun and important this work can be. Additionally, we broke down their process from pick-up to delivery to make it easier for potential volunteers to understand and we made sure to showcase the food which, we can assure you, anyone would be happy to have on their table! If you're interested in volunteering, be sure to check them out at